Life in Old Dublin

by Jennifer Collins

Inspired by Come Here To Me! blog’s post on Dublin place names, I googled the book written by my great-great grandfather, James Collins, and found it as a free PDF online. It’s called Life in Old Dublin and is a quirky little sketch of James’ (and my) native city and its long-forgotten streets and characters (like Billy in the Bowl). The book includes a map of Dublin from 1610 and talks extensively about the Croppy Acre burial site in front of Collins Barracks (now the Museum of Decorative Arts and History), where the remains of the executed 1798 rebels are said to lie. There’s also a chapter dedicated to the father of the Home Rule movement in Ireland, Isaac Butt. James was Butt’s secretary and friend. I think my great-great grandad may have engaged in a little crowd-funding to pay for his project. There’s a list of subscribers at the back and I’m assuming their subscriptions funded its production.

Here’s the PDF of the book for anyone who’s interested. It’s kind of a dry read at times, but is still a great record of the city and its people: Life in Old Dublin